Speed Up The Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Period

June 6, 2019

Speed Up The Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Period

Surgery is a big shock for our bodies. Therefore, making the right choices during the post-surgery period is most essential to full recovery. No stress, reduced physical activity and proper nutrients incorporated into the daily diet will help our bodies to heal.


To speed up healing and increase strength our body needs energy. Post-surgery period is NOT the right time for weight loss. You need to consume at least 20 calories per pound of your weight every day.




A common post surgery complain, constipation, may occur due to low physical activity. Nutrients rich in fiber such as whole grain, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables will help to avoid constipation. Moreover, high-fiber foods help to Reduce Cholesterol and blood sugar which can be crucial due to inactivity.



Protein that is rich in amino acids helps with tissue regeneration and wound healing. Small portion of lean meats, eggs, beans, tofu or nuts are great sources of protein.



Include carbs from high-fiber foods into your daily diet to increase energy and avoid fatigue that is common after surgery.

Healthy Fats

These fats will improve immune response, increase energy and help to absorb the vitamins. Healthy fats are those that have a high percentage of saturated fatty acids, and are organic, sustainable and/or minimally processed.

Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamins and minerals are probably the most important nutrients after a surgery. Vitamins A and C are very helpful for wound healing, vitamin E protects your body from free radicals, vitamin K helps blood clotting, and vitamin D contributes to bones health.


Zinc Rich Foods

Zinc is an excellent source of energy that is in need during post-surgery recovery period.  Found in seafood, beans, apricots, eggs and dairy, zinc aids with wound healing.



Make sure to stay hydrated. Water is an irreplaceable element to body healing. It also helps your body with post-surgery medication absorption.

Proper nutrition is essential but not the only factor in fast recovery after surgery.

Make sure to incorporate all the doctors’ recommendations including occupational and physical therapy into the recovery process. Need help recovering after a surgery? Let WPHHA know, call us today at (412)421-0909 or visit our website for more information.

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