Post Cancer Rehabilitation Tips

June 6, 2019

Post Cancer Rehabilitation Tips

“Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide” (World Health Organization). Nationwidecancer statistics do not look very bright either. Based on the US scientific prognose in 2016 around 1,685,210 people will be diagnosed with cancer and ⅓ will end up dying from it. Most of the survivors will have to go through the post cancer rehabilitation process to deal with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy side effects and other limitations caused by cancer. As 1 out of 300 people potentially is going to rehabilitate from cancer this year, there is a big chance that it will be somebody you know or are related to. Take advantage of this article to help cancer survivors to speed up the rehabilitation process.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with potential risk of cancer treatment side effects. First of all, most cancer patients require surgery that may cause different side effects depending on the surgery type and body part operated on. Secondly, side effects caused by chemotherapy affecting healthy cells such as hair follicles, nails, the mouth, digestive tract, and bone marrow that are naturally divide too quickly. Check 19 common chemo side effects to be aware of how dangerous this treatment could be. Radiation is another common therapy for cancer patients. While targeted to the diseased area, radiation may also harm healthy tissues around it. There are two types of side effects caused by radiation: chronic and acute, or short term side effects. While acute side effects such as fatigue or skin reactions usually disappear within couple weeks after treatment; depending on the area treated and dose of radiation received chronic side effects may bother cancer survivors for years. Note that chronic side effects require medical intervention.

More Benefits

Post cancer rehabilitation is necessary because it not only includes the follow-up treatment care but also helps to offset physical, social, and psychological limitations caused by cancer, increase strength, adjust diet, return independence, and avoid rehospitalization.

Who can help?

Most of the time post cancer rehabilitation requires a professional


medical assistance. Don’t have an insurance? Look for resources in your community. If you or your loved one have an insurance call the healthcare provider to find the rehabilitation services in your area for free or at the most desirable rate. Lately, home health rehabilitation became more popular as it provides a necessary care in the comfortable environment. Home health care agencies offer oncologist, physiatrist, physical therapist, social worker, occupational therapist, psychologist/psychiatrist, and other specialists’ assistance at the convenient time and place. Need an assistance? Meet WPHHA team or call (412)421-0909 for more information.

Western Pennsylvania home Health Association is a non-profit organization, servicing clients throughout Western Pennsylvania. At WPHHA we have coined the term “mobile healthcare services” to meet your needs on your time. These include in-home nursing, non-medical homecare and rehabilitation services including post cancer rehabilitation. Our main concern is to help you or your loved ones maintain the highest level of wellness and independence possible.

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