Never Too Late to Start Working Out

March 29, 2019

Never Too Late to Start Working Out

If you or your family member belong to 65+


age group, physical activity should be a part of your daily life! Start working out today to make your retirement happier, healthier and longer!

According to Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults designed by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), three to four hours of physical activity a week prevent many chronic diseases, decrease obesity risk, improve quality of life, reduce depression, lower risk of cognitive decline, and decrease mortality and morbidity in older adults.

HHS recommends seniors to work on muscle strength at least twice a week and spend at least 2.5 hsr/week doing moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or spend 1.25 hrs/week on vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity or do a combination of both.

Both aerobic activities can be completed at home or nearby. Gardening, vacuuming and brisk walking are good moderate-intensity activities while dancing, golfing and bicycle riding are great examples of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity.

If you or your family member need help finding exercise program that will work the best, take advantage of the professional assistance, which has always been the fastest and the most reliable way to get in shape. Physical therapists, whose assistance is covered by Medicare, Medicaid or most insurance plans, will be glad to work with you or your family member on getting healthier and happier! Call (412) 421-0909 today to learn about physical therapists in your area or visit for more information!

Western Pennsylvania home Health Association is a non-profit organization, servicing clients throughout Western Pennsylvania. At WPHHA we have coined the term “mobile healthcare services” to meet your needs on your time. These include in-home nursing, non-medical homecare and rehabilitation services. Our main concern is to help you or your loved ones maintain the highest level of wellness and independence possible.

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