Get in Shape with Weight Watchers

March 29, 2019

Get in Shape with Weight Watchers

What is Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers philosophy promotes weight loss by eating smarter, getting social support, and developing healthy lifestyle. This program is based on a points system, which creates a calorie deficit bysticking to the daily target points. Weight Watchers is very Up To Date and offers Iphone and Android apps as point-tracking tools. There are also weekly weigh-ins and online weigh-ins available to provide social support, which is an integral component of successful weight loss.

Weight Watcher’s True Legend:

After years of attempting to lose weight invited a group of friends to her house and discussed her food obsession. Jean’s friends approved her idea as all of them felt better after sharing concerned regarding their food obsession with each other. The word of mouth made meetings at Jean’s house popular and soon she had over forty people coming to her house for support. Together they came to an idea that losing weight is more about being encouraged by those who cared about changing habits and lifestyle other than just diets. Two attendees of Jean’s meetings, Albert and Felice Lippert, suggested that she set up public weekly classes. In May 1963, the first public meeting of already Weight Watchers incorporation was held in a loft in Queens. Global success of the incorporation encouraged H.J. Heinz Company to buy Weight Watchers International in 1978. Today, almost forty years later, Weight Watchers not only ranked #4 in best diets overall but also the best weight-loss and the easiest diet to follow in the nation.

Weight Watchers today:

In 2015, Weight Watchers introduced a new “Beyond the Scale” program. This program encourages no limits in food choice and helps to lose weight by sticking to the certain number of Smart Points. This number is based on your gender, weight, height and age. The program provides points values for over 287,000 foods. Weight Watcher also offers SmartPoints value for thousands of recipes and a formula to calculate the point’s value by ingredients.

Even though point-tracking tools made it simple to follow Weight Watcher. Support weigh-ins are still an integral component of this diet. It’s proved to be easier to follow Beyond the Scale when have a social support. According to the recent research, on avarage Weight Watchers meetings’ attendees not only lose three times more pounds than those who sticks to the dietary pattern on their own, but also have more success on keeping the weight off afterwards.

Always looked for an easy to follow a diet to lose weight? Give Weight Watcher a try! Start with first week menu or check other dietary plans on WPHHA blog!

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